“Passion is the genesis of genius.” – Tony Robbins.

Are you passionate about the media and advertising industry?


The AMASA membership is a collaborative education, information and networking platform for media owners, media agencies, brands, consultants, students, media innovators and strategists in South Africa who represent all the different disciplines of media in agencies and client companies.

Being a member

Please sign up today, the industry needs active participants. Through the Amasa membership you will be joining a host of other media owners and agencies alike –  supporting both the Amasa development programmes as well as taking an active interest in the industry.  

The Advertising Media Association of Southern Africa (AMASA), is a registered Section 21 company, and since its inception as a professional body in 1971, has been at the forefront of media education and training in South Africa. Over the past 46 years, the association has evolved from the informal monthly gatherings of the 70’s to the organised structure it is proud of today. The core aim of AMASA is to focus on the education levels of those with an interest in the media, marketing and advertising industry, with a view to improving knowledge and skills in media decision making techniques and their use. Other key educational facets include the AMASA Learning Programme (ALP) in association with the AAA School of Advertising, the AMASA textbook, the annual AMASA media planning workshop and various essential fundraising activities. AMASA also celebrates great work within the industry via hosting the AMASA Awards to reward those in the industry who raise the bar. AMASA members also meet monthly at the AMASA forum where key industry issues are addressed. Oversight is maintained through the AMASA Board, which provides umbrella support to the Committee and drives the strategic direction of AMASA and ensures audit processes are followed.


Through the above activities, members of AMASA thereby play an active role in growing the talent of the industry and their own institutions through our expanded education and training programmes, fundraising initiatives and gain valuable networking opportunities at the #AMASAForums and other events.

In 2018 AMASA has more networking, education and celebration in store for the industry as a whole and more specifically for the AMASA members.

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How to become a Member

AMASA remains a non-profit organisation and any surplus monies made goes towards improving member benefits and investing in talent for our industry.

There are two ways of becoming a member or renewing membership, according to whether you want to join as an individual or as part of a team or company.

Effective March 2018 to February 2019, the prices for the new fiscal are:

  • Corporate Membership includes one agency or brand and will cost R6000 for unlimited membership
  • Individual Membership, for one named person for one year’s membership cost R 600 per member

Rates include 14% VAT and although corporate members are entitled to rotate membership cards within the company, a full and detailed list of member names must be supplied on the membership form for AMASA’s database. Student members are required to produce proof of enrolment at a registered institution or an official student card.

Becoming a member

To register, please complete the online application form or download the AMASA Membership form 2015 to 2016(1) and send it to Justin.vanAlphen@ads24.co.za

Some of the member benefits:

  • Free entry to Forums and #FlashForums
  • Application to access and mentor AMASA ALP graduates
  • Reduced rates at major conferences and events
  • First opportunity to sponsor an AMASA event
  • Opportunity to have a guest post on the AMASA blog

*Membership is for a named individual and is not transferable.