“If we don’t invest in the future and the youth of this country, we are going to have a very mediocre industry,” says Gordon Patterson

AMASA’s core focus is to attract bright young minds into the exciting world of media, and ensure that the individuals not only excel, but remain within the industry.

The AMASA Media Management course in Partnership with VEGA
This short course delivers specialised engagement with the principles of media; media qualities and the media mix; media strategy; channel and media planning; media management and leadership; classical and alternative media; online and social media; and media research. Delegates will be equipped with a comprehensive suite of skills to facilitate media planning in context of brand building strategy, media economic understanding and software utilisation.
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The AMASA Learnership Programme
Looking to get your foot in the door at one of South Africa’s top media agencies?
Since 2008, the AMASA Learnership Programme offers successful candidates an opportunity to be employed and mentored by leading media companies.
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The AMASA Annual Media planning Workshop
The workshop gives attendees the opportunity to respond to an actual client brief with a full media strategy.

A four day, jam packed experience is made up of two days of lectures and interactive sessions by industry experts, talking to media planning fundamentals where practical guidelines are given on how to construct a winning media strategy.
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Textbook & Tools

The AMASA Textbook the Nuts & Bolts of Media Planning
Amasa coverAre you looking to take advantage of media strategy, planning and management for your business or organization? Do you want to understand all there is know about integration and brush up on what’s happening with marketing? Learn how to set specific goals for your campaigns and evaluate them according to key performance indicators. This textbook focuses on practical guidance and applied theory to real and everyday industry examples and can be used as a daily reference.

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